Our Team

Linda Alford, Director and Coach

Linda developed a passion for baton twirling at a young age. She started the Dynamics in 1976. Their first performance was a bicentennial parade on July 4th. Under Linda’s direction, they competed locally in C.A.M.A. (Capital Area Marching Association) winning many championship titles. In 1988, they won their first national title, NBTA Tiny Tot Small Grand National Dance Twirl Team. In 1993, the Dynamics won their first world title in Marseilles, France by capturing the Senior Dance Twirl Team gold medal at the NBTA World Championships. The team has gone on from there, continuing to win many national titles, 9 world titles, and produce a number of individual champions as well.

Linda continues to do what she loves as director of the Dynamics. In addition to being the coach of a national and world acclaimed team, she also works for the Howard County Public School System in their main offices. She shared her love of twirling with her three daughters, Deena, Stacey, and Kristi. Between the three girls they have won five Miss Majorette of America titles, two Grand National Twirling Championships, and two individual World Championship titles. All three have also gone on to be Dynamic coaches. Now granddaughter, Kaitlyn Boyer continues the family tradition as a member of the team. She competed in her first World Championships in Belgium in the pre-teen duet division and won the gold medal with partner and teammate Brianna Rohrer.

Kristi Alford Taylor, Co-Director and Coach

Kristi is a former Miss Majorette of America and Team USA member. Growing up on the team, she has won with them many national team titles as well as being a member of the first Dynamics World Team in 1993. In 1996, Kristi won the gold medal at the World Championships in Milan, Italy with her duet partner, Stephanie Mobley. Kristi competed with the Towson University Dance Team and won the National Dance Team championships with them multiple times. Kristi has a strong dance background, including professional training as a member of Blast 2: Cyberjam and Shockwave, and as instructor for Arthur Murray Dance Studio. This background allows her great creativity when choreographing routines.

Stacey Alford Boyer, Coach

Stacey is also a former Miss Majorette of America. She won the Juvenile division in 1982 and before that, was the Tiny Tot Grand National Twirling Champion. During her career, she also was the Congressional Cup champion, showing her talent by winning a title usually held by older twirlers. She retired from twirling at a young age but returned in 2003 when daughter, Kaitlyn, found her desire to twirl. Kaitlyn is a member of the Dynamics Preteen, Junior and Senior teams and recently competed at the World Championship in Belgium, winning the gold medal with her duet partner, Briana Rohrer. Stacey works with many of the younger Dynamic members as their individual coach. Her success in coaching has been marked with many students winning regional and state titles as well as an Intermediate Miss Majorette of America winner. In addition to coaching, Stacey is a special education teacher in Howard County Public Schools

Glenn Bittenbender, Coach and Choreographer

The success of the Dynamics would not have been possible without the contributions of Glenn Bittenbender. Glenn is a former USTA World Champion and has also won numerous USTA national titles in solo, 2 and 3 baton, and freestyle. He has been the choreographer for the Dynamics for almost twenty years. His creativity has always made the Dynamics’ routines unique and, consequently the Dynamics have been the recipient of the Sandy Myer and Michael T. Moore choreography awards many times.

Robin Schmitt, Treasurer and Coach

Robin has lots of contributing roles in the Dynamic family. She keeps things running as treasurer and secretary for the team. To call her our “go to” person is putting it mildly. Robin was a feature twirler at the University of Maryland and director of a former C.A.M.A. corps. However, her proudest role is undoubtedly, baton-mom. Robin is mom to Karilee and Kaytlyn, both Dynamics, Team USA members, and world champions. Robin coaches the Dynamics “babies”, enjoys working with the younger members of the team, and keeps things running smoothly.


Karilee Schmitt, Assistant Coach and Webmaster

Karilee grew up as a member of the Dynamics, joining the team in 1991. She is the 2005 College Miss Majorette of the Mid-Atlantic and former Junior and Senior Regional Solo Champion. With her sister and partner, Kaytlyn, Karilee is the 2006 Senior Duet National Champion. With the team, Karilee has won numerous national titles and seven gold medals at the world championships in 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2009. While a member of the team, Karilee received a degree in Secondary Math Education from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Education from George Mason. She teaches math and coaches the color guard at West Springfield High School in Fairfax County and is the webmaster for the Washington DC branch of the Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Association. After a wonderful nationals with the Dynamics Senior Team in 2009, Karilee is excited to begin the next phase of her twirling career with the team as a coach.


Christina Trefry, Assistant Coach

Christina has not been a Dynamics member for long, but she has made a big impact. She is wonderful at encouraging our younger members to succeed and always has a smile for us all. While a Dynamic, Christina qualified for the Intermediate Pageant at nationals in 2008 and ended up placing in the top 10 in the senior division, winning the pageant strut. She also won her age division that year in the Intermediate World Open Solo and placed in the top 10 in the advanced strut. Christina recently moved to Virginia and is happy being able to be back in the gym as an assistant coach.

Kaytlyn Schmitt, Assistant Coach

Kaytlyn has been a Dynamic since she was one years old, following her older sister and mom to practices. With the team, she won six gold medals at the world championships in 2003, 2006, 2009, and 2012. She competed at the 2015 world championships as an individual in two baton and placed fourth. Kaytlyn was also honored to be selected to compete in the adult solo and two baton divisions at the inaugural Grand Prix in Abbotsford, Canada in August of 2015. She won the bronze medal in two baton and placed top 10 in the solo. Kaytlyn was also a “Top 6” twirler multiple times in the grand national solo competition at AYOP, placed top 10 in Miss Majorette of America multiple times, and has won numerous national, regional, and state titles. Kaytlyn was a feature twirler with the Virginia Tech Marching Virginians while earning her bachelors and masters from the university. She loved twirling for her school and is proud to have represented them as the 2014 Women’s Collegiate National Champion. She is currently a second grade teacher at Garfield Elementary School.